Hey there!!! I am Antor.

I am interested in applied machine learning projects where one gets to do a lot of cross disciplinary investigations. Currently I'm appointed as a Research Assistant at the Data Science and Engineering Research Lab, Department of Computer Science Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). I'm also working as a Research Assistant at a Research Project for the Department of Water Resources Engineering, BUET. I have completed my Bachelor's in Water Resources Engineering from BUET in October 2018. My research interests include Computer Vision, Applied Machine Learning in Remote Sensing and UAV data, Graph Neural Networks, Image Inpainting and Feature Extraction of UAV data. I have been a part of the Bengali.AI team from April 2018 and continue to help out the research community as a Coordinator of this wonderful platform.

Awards And Honors

Abstract Accepted for Presentation, Water Future Conference

September, 2019

Presented Research Work on Bank Erosion Prediction using Deep Learning

Recipient of Highest Research Grant,Bangladesh Innovation Fund Award

April, 2019

Research Proposal for Machine Learning Applications in UAV Data gets funded.

2nd Place, Financial Inclusion Data Hackathon

March, 2019

The hackathon was supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the European Union under UNCDF’s SHIFT SAARC programme in Bangladesh.

Thesis Project gets Funded by GOV of Bangladesh

February, 2019

Research collaboration entitled "Understanding River Bank Erosion Dynamics using Numerical Modeling and Deep Learning Techniques" between BUET and WARPO is initiated.